A little about CPDLectures.com

About this service

Imagine a consistently accessible, well-presented communication of everything you feel civil engineers should know about, available online in high quality video format, and available to access from anywhere again and again. This is something that is a valuable resource in a shrinking global economy that imposes high demand on the time civil engineers have available for CPD.

This is where cpdlectures.com comes in. A service brought to you by CPDonline Ltd with the aim of giving civil engineers greater access to the latest industry knowledge available at conferences, seminars, and other such knowledge events occurring in the UK and abroad.

With the help of our team of professional cameramen, we travel anywhere to capture events that are important to civil engineers, for hosting on this website. Including full editing, we manage the entire process needed to make your event available online, in high quality HD format; so disseminating your required information is as seamless and simple as possible.

cpdlectures.com will help ensure the message from your event reaches many more professionals around the world than could possibly be present to absorb information live.

Contact us today to start benefiting from greater access.


How CPDlectures.com benefit you

There are two simple but essential benefits to the service provided on cpdlectures.com , both of which are central to the aim of furthering continuing professional development of civil engineers the world over:

Access- gives instant access to some of the 1000’s of knowledge events organized every year by organisations, for the benefit civil engineers. This is about connecting you with the right information in a convenient way, wherever you are in the world, at a time that suits you.
Knowledge- facilitates you to acquire relevant CPD knowledge, which ultimately helps in your career development, and ensures that good practice is implemented across the industry.
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